Monday, November 05, 2007


i like the idea of text becoming image (seen not read / seen and read) which is something i experimented with for the things that grow pages.

today i discovered ascii art; this generator is addictive!!
so i tried transforming my 'diamond made out of words' into a 'diamond made out of words, made out of letters, numbers, and symbols'.

PARTS 3, 4, 5

Thursday, October 25, 2007


one of Michael Benedikt's definitions of Cyberspace:

its corridors form wherever electricity runs with intelligence. its chambers bloom wherever data gathers and is stored. its depths increase with every image or word or number, with every addition, every contribution, of fact or thought. its horizons recede in every direction; it breathes larger, it complexifies, it embraces and involves. billowing, glittering, humming, coursing, a borgesian library, a city; intimate, immense, firm, liquid, recognisable and unrecognisable at once.

This is almost definitely my starting point for the photoshop project. things that grow, expand, link etc - cyberspace!

but as with the flower, each part - though in some way representative of cyberspace/the internet - also represents something else, a dialogue or rather a chorus, and always the everpresent and ominous "us"!!

so, this is part 2...

and here is the original which was traced over:

Monday, October 22, 2007


this is one of my photoshop experiments. it will probably form a series of "poems that grow" or something along those lines!


here are some pictures of books that i experimented on for the small publishers book fair
the theme was elements

earth closed

earth open

fire closed

fire open

air closed


you will be seeing fireworks! but until i can create some of my own on photoshop (so far they have all been duds), you are looking at a picture of fireworks instead.